Saturday, September 3, 2011


i dunno if it's just hard to search for waltham or if people RILLY don't give a shit - which makes no sense cuz srsly out of all th' why-aren't-they-famous-at-ALL bands i listen to these guys' lack of superstardom confuses me THE MOST - but finding this stuff in some way other than for $1.88 on amazon has been far more difficult than it has any business being so hey as per usual i'm here to help. heard these guys first over at regala's before they got th' ryko deal; JB sez they're rick springfield vs .38 special and that they always make th' right decisions (ex. it would be a VERY BAD idea to add any more .38 special) and i gotta add …IN DROP D. that's their main contribution to th' '80s-revival racket (that exists? -ed.): FUCKING DROP D (and a buncha way-way-WAY-excellent tunes) - and wotta contribution it is! if there's anything catchier than outfield ripoffs played with giant guitars, i dunno at all what it is. without getting too far into bio territory here i do feel it's necessary to mention that basically they recorded this one album three different times and they're all awesome AND THEN THEY MADE AN EP CALLED 'AWESOME' and then they stopped with the existing. only record more unsung (in modern powerpoop circles) than these is that boss samantha 7 disc.

The First Album
Permission To Build
three covers (Rick Springfield, Oingo Boingo, Rocky IV) and an unreleased track
The Awesome EP (yes it's pretty much itunes only so just pay the five bucks)

note: i am TOTALLY on th lookout for an actual cd copy of the awesome ep so like lemme know if ya see one, alright?