Friday, April 15, 2011



life iz a silly stupid wonderful thing an' i dunno what it's all about much less why simple BADASSERY via ELECTRIC PUNKROCK MUSICK is so evil sweet but i'm not aboot to let that spoil my enjoyment of this here manic halfhour…not ALL of their tunes (missing two seven-inchers & like three or four comp traxx) and man my turntable was grotted up somethin' FIERCEAWESOME back in the day but if this isn't fucking good enuff for ya go an' blow it out yr ass. i dunno what accolade to drop on these guys but they's th' BEST SOMETHING OF TH' SOMETHING fer fucking SHIRLEY. RIPPING sinister rock'n'roll, best lp on EARF since 'aspirations' till vee dee's 'furthur' showed up.


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