Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kodaly - Sonata for Solo Cello, Op. 8, Yuli Turovsky


i useta work until 3 or 4am. i kept my clock set to greenwich mean time and the radio in my car tuned to the local npr station since they ran bbc world service into the wee hours; the idea being, when i got off work i'd have little idea what time it really was here in town, and - more importantly - even less idea where i was. it worked some. consequently, when the tape deck broke i'd end up hearing some decent stuff from time to time - like the short documentary on how the electrical/appliance hums in yr office may be playing the diabolus in musica - but so often i'd be so bummed by what they played during the day i'd just put on the classical station. one evening i caught a few minutes of a program where the deejay was SO FUCKING JAZZED about the piece he was excerpting that he kept saying how much he WISHED he could play us the whole thing. it was fucking raw, and it was fucking mesmerizing, and the guy was right - you hafta hear this particular recording. it took years and a long, circuitous route, but i finally got an lp copy a few months back. enjoy.


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