Wednesday, July 6, 2011

King Louie and the Loose Diamonds


in which king louie musically explains the history and future of all boozy southern rock'n'roll slime-pop in about 40 minutes flat. my favorite record any of these guys have been a part of and that includes those unfuckwithable oblivians lps so you know it's on the stellar side. most of this band is back together with th' addition of one mr. jeff dutton (of action family and barbed wire dolls) as THE FUZZ. includes louie's supreme take on th' lost exploding hearts classic he cowrote, "gypsy switch" (aka "shattered").



  1. This n is weird cuz Jeff wasn't in the Loose Diamonds. That is confusing

  2. to (over?) clarify, the loose diamonds dudes, without louie, started a band called the fuzz (not to be confused with ty segall's band fuzz) which also has/had jeff dutton in it.