Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Vels 'Velocity' LP + Dub Mixes

inevitably i'm gonna grab any record like this - early '80s copyright//never heard of the band//major label//new wavey artwork//etc - outta the dollarbin and at least throw it on the listening station to see if it's worth the buck; tons o' this type o' stuff gets thrown back but by the third track this one was sounding so much like my good good philly friends SWEATHEART that i had to take it home and give it a real spin. imagine my surprise at finding that these here vels were also from philly! terribly fun and original more-straight-'80s-than-new-wave sounds from 1984 here with no crummy ballads to skip. really shines when both the guy(s) and girl start singin' together. ran across the two singles they released off this rec while in nyc recently so the dubs off those are also included!

you're a treasure chest


  1. Hey thanks for sharing this. Loved this album (still have my vinyl) and finding it digitally has proven a challenge. Best quality I've heard since my original vinyl.

  2. Thanks, you have flac or wav version? please :)

    1. Nope. So stoked that you're less than thankful for free stuff.