Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bones Brigade Video Tunes

this is basically th soundtrack to th first three bones brigade movies ('83-'87). if you grew up watching th shit outta them like i did, i can't imagine you wouldn't think this is th niftiest disc on this green earf. however, even if you don't have a massive flood of intangible emotion associated with these tunes, i'm here to tell you that you still might find a lot to like. first, th major contributor to these pieces/songs is one dennis dragon, whose profile in tape op a few months back failed to mention that - what i'd argue is th most important job he's ever done, and th way most people have heard of him (or at least heard him) - at all, to my utter dismay. anyhow, dennis dragon (coolest name this side of adrian demain) has lived a long and colorful life and th work he did soundtracking for powell is fucking second to none. it's funny how in listening to these tunes all detached from th videos really, um, socks home how cheesy some of it is, but at th same time it's incredibly obvious how well th music captures th vibe of skating - at th time and even now. it's insanely intuitive accompaniment. second, a short list of tracks included herein that should be mandatory listening for anyone interested in fun and badassery: th rodney mullen "yes i'm gonna get a dog" bit ("big dog," by the knight); that sacto song from 'future primitive' where they just yell "ONETWOTHREEFOUR!!" a lot ("one, two, three. four," by los pukes - best band name ever); and of course th oft-occurring background jam "mctwist and shout," found here in its pristine entirety (by johnny rad, of course).



  1. Hey Cruise_elroy,

    Could you please uplaod the bones brigade video tunes again. The link does not work please. I been looking for this for years.


  2. Cruise_elroy,

    You rip, thanks it worked. This brings back awesome memories. So stoked at the moment :)