Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unicorn 'Kedamono No Arashi'

once i got a little column in a local paper where i talked aboot some of my fave records. that moment in time is preserved here, if you care to peruse it in its entirety (caveat: it is in some ways a bit of a saab story), but here is th bit which pertains to our post here and now:

kedamono no arashi, unicorn (sony japan, 1990)
akin to spending an hour trying to dial in the best freeform radio station on the planet, maybe skipping between two more unknown yet almost equally fantastic stations in the pursuit. a playful hawaiian number gives way to a soaring ballad with jet planes for a solo; a song with dogs barking the snare hits is one-upped by fifty seconds of thrash that disintegrate into a man quietly counting down from ten under a mournful string section. supposedly the lyrics are great too!

grab this now. no kidding!


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