Friday, June 17, 2011

DOUBLE NELSON 'Ceux Qui L'Ont Fait!'


without a doubt the best dollarbin purchase of all time (dif juz's 'who says so?' only cost me 50¢). hoping just hoping for some proto-cheveu i was amazed to find that what double nelson have crafted here is more along the lines of th' ciccone youth record - a reimagining of new york post-beatbox culture, though this time through even more skewed late-'80s french sensibilities. it's hard to tell where d.n. are coming from and there's painfully little about them on the internets (in english, anyways) - change the channel one world over and you've got a fucking falco record; reorganize th' ideas more square and it's colourbox anthemic; remove some of th' big-studio sheen on th' drums and it does indeed conjure cheveu. jesse says it sounds like they mixed it five seconds at a time and i can't argue. up there with th' už jsme doma and unicorn records as far as awesome shit sung in languages i don't speak goes. should be unsurprising to and heartily welcomed by people who equate late '80s/early '90s france with delicatessen.


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