Sunday, June 19, 2011



ok so this isn't normally my style. i'm not one fer posting stuff YOU SHOULD TOTALLY BE PAYING for. but th' whole world needs to hear this fucking band by any means necessary. that said, here's th' deal: after starting a new band a few years ago and being a few weeks into it and pretty damned jazzed about what we were doing fucking gene plays this disc by this band SHAME CLUB (coming soon to this blog area) and i suddenly couldn't really give a crap about what we were doing 'cause all the bands on the planet ever just got fucking devastated by this one song "windbag" (no hyperbole). years go by and everyone's brains are so utterly smashed by the simple existence of the shame club that they don't even bother to make those dudes famous and the dudes go their seperate ways. (but stay in town.) (st. lou.) later i learn via some photos posted by their ex-bass player that their (second) drummer and SHIT-HOT LEAD guitarman are in this new act. I FUCKING DOWNLOADED THE SHIT OFF iTUNES. FOR SERIOUS. that's how good these dudes are. and holy asschaps if TILTS aren't even kinda better than shame club in a way. SO MUCH BOOGIE BADASSERY. so well dude who's writing the songs and playing dual leads goes and joins torche (meh.) & moves to hotlanta (rite) but stays in tilts (alls i hafta say is he better) and actually this phenomenon gives way to me actually getting to see tilts since they go on tour with torche so hey alls good that is. anyhow like i said you GOTTA hear this shiz so here's all three o' their eps all junked together by yrs trooly plus whacked-out xmas bonus track and wicked practice space instro demo. PLEASE FIND A WAY TO SEND THEM MONEY OK!!


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