Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sounds Of Young Speed (Tantalus Recording Group, 1994)


picked this tape up years ago 'cause it has a princess dragon-mom (his name is alive-affiliated noise project - hnia actually has their own "tune" called "more majic party" on some other comp) track on it. pretty much straight-up abrasive noise with bassy synth every here and there and some highly obfuscated rhythmic shit going on, but some pretty interesting wobbly feedback and chant stuff as well. runs about an hour. definitely better than not bad. dunno what's up with th' unequivocally heinous sleeve art, tho'.

1. Megaspore "Catalina De Eranzo"
2. Princess Dragon-Mom "More Magic Party"
3. Allegory Chapel "Tsutomo Miyazaki"
4. Grace Bros "Primary Feeder"
5. Speculum Fight "Mannose"
6. Fab .44 "Sundown Agaist Club"
7. Cauterizer "Unman"


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