Sunday, June 19, 2011



ok funny story, we were supposed to play with the fall-outs in seattle but at some point in the tour heard that it wasn't gonna happen and we thought, oh well they don't play too much and they never have a bass player and it must just be that ok but then we get there and dave's at the show and he says hey, i thought we were gonna play together what happened with that? and i think it was agreed upon that our AWFUL booking agent (AWFUL I TELL YOU) was famous for fucking over bands who wouldn't actually fuck her. thus, we played with the GODDAM PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES instead of the fall-outs. ugh.

p.s. the 'here i come' file is augmented with songs from two splits, that nardwuar comp, & the 'sleep' 45. i don't have their first cassette or their song from the funhouse comp thing. other people have posted the remaining songs they released so here're links to thems too.

self-titled lp
here i come and other hits lp +
sleep lp
summertime lp

this is mine & here i come 45s
don't want the sun 45

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