Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mark Sultan Mixtapes


some of you may be aware if yr "friends" with him on the internets but from time to time m. bbq sees fit to post a mixtape or two's worth of youtube videos on his page and since they're about 50% shit i love and 50% shit i've never heard before that's very worth hearing of course and since sitting in front of the computer is probably the place i'm least-apt to (wanna) be while listening to music in anything but short bursts i figured i'd dub his "mixes" onto the old ipod. and since he was back at it today i thought i'd post the one from two or so months ago as well as this the new batch here just in case you like me are quite enamored with the tunes he picks. thanks mark!

download the one from march 3rd
download the one from today (june 28)

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant! I really dig this guy's taste in music, his mixtapes are the stuff of legend. Thanks man.

    He also did one for The Thousands in february, you might want that one too: http://thethousands.com.au/melbourne/hear/a-mixtape-by-mark-sultan-bbq/